Fleet Maintenance

Keep your fleet in great conditions

Do you own a fleet of vehicles, we have the technical infrastructure and human resources to help with your fleet maintenance and ensure that all your vehicles are functioning efficiently without any hiccup. The importance of vehicles to a business cannot be overemphasised. In fact, vehicles are the lifeblood of many businesses, and each day the vehicle is not working is another day of losses that can't be recouped and inconveniences that are best avoided. This is why we at Auto People provide fleet maintenance service for commercial customers.

Business Productivity

Minimising your vehicle's downtime is necessary for your business productivity. After all, you bought the vehicles for a particular purpose and not to sit in the mechanic workshop or breakdown by the roadside. It is therefore important to maintain your fleet so you can put them to good use. At Auto People, we have the technical skills, infrastructural capacity, and human resources needed to help you maintain your fleet of light commercial vehicles. Whether it is taxis, vans, utes, and more, we are capable of providing the needed maintenance. We also service specialised vehicles and provide all the conventional repairs necessary. When you work with us, we keep records of your vehicles' service histories for proper scheduling. We pride ourselves in keeping you updated, and we have specialised packages suitable just for you.