RACV Testing

Prepurchase Inspection

If you need to test vehicles, Auto People is the accredited tester you should come to. We can give your car a comprehensive inspection. When looking for an accredited technician to test the car you want to buy and determine its conditions, we are the ones you should come to. RACV testing is more than just the standard roadworthy inspection. We are not just looking to determine if your car is roadworthy in line with Victoria Roads standards. RACV pre-purchase inspection has a more comprehensive goal as it focuses on determining if the car is suitable for second-hand buyers. It is a comprehensive inspection where we check for immediate mechanical faults as well as in-depth problems that will require repairs. It is best for vehicles whose warranties have just expired. RACV members will get a 30-day mechanical guarantee on the inspections, and you'll find details of this on RACV website. We don't just provide you with a comprehensive inspection, we back it up with a well detailed and easy to understand inspection report. The report explains everything about the inspection and what was discovered, classifying everything into several categories which are;


These are potential issues with the vehicle that do not require any action.  It is only good to note them for when they develop into issues.

Early Attention Issues

These are issues still in their early stages and requiring preventative repairs to prevent them from becoming a serious problem later on.

Immediate Attention Issues

These are issues that need to be addressed immediately. Repairs are necessary for these issues.

The inspection report also contains a Traffic Light Guide. This guide will tell you whether you should buy or sell the car or if there are hidden expenses that may affect the sale.


This means stop, and it is advisable not to buy the car. It is usually given if the purchase of the car will be uneconomic.


This means caution and usually means that the vehicle will be a good purchase after all the necessary repairs have been made. However, the repairs should be estimated before purchase.


This means Go. It is usually given when any reported issue can be fixed with routine service, service replacement, or adjustment. However, the repairs should be estimated before purchase. For someone looking to buy or sell a car, the RACV Vehicle Inspection is one way to prove to your customer that the car is in good shape and confident they are making a good decision. We conduct our RACV Pre Purchase Inspection on-site and make sure that we follow all the required guidelines while also providing the client with all the necessary information needed to make a decision. As RACV is accredited, you have nothing to worry about.